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Mental Health & Wellness

Designing a contemporary, fit for purpose mental health strategy for your organisation doesn’t need to be complex. Whether it is helping to find and customise your Employee Assistance experience, mental health leadership sessions, or training and supporting Mental Health First Aiders throughout your business, we provide an industry-leading response without taking your own team off their core business.

  • Organisational review, including risk audit, cultural indicators, psychosocial hazards and organisational design.

  • Policy and strategy development

  • Training and development 

  • Executive briefings and mental health awareness sessions

  • Mental Health for managers and supervisors

  • Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Accreditation

  • Proactive resilience & psychological health courses

  • Future proofing unique industry/team challenges 

  • Ongoing debriefing and support for MHFA Teams

  • Design and recommendations - Wellbeing partners and EAP providers

Whether from a risk, care, compliance or productivity perspective, most organisations recognise the importance of having a good mental health program. Most, however, are also based on assumptions about mental health and people who are struggling, that no longer hold true. Science and technology, along with increased global awareness have written an optimistic script for the future of workplace wellness strategies.  We have the ability to improve efficiency, effectiveness, ROI - enhancing our employees personal and professional lives, more than ever before. 

It’s time to think differently about mental health.

Team Meeting

Executive Team Profiling

While individual leaders are typically promoted for their technical expertise, leadership teams themselves don’t typically thrive or fail because of gaps in experience or knowledge. Personality is a far greater predictor of teams that outperform others than any other variable. It is personality that will predict whether attention to detail or strategy is a focus, whether relationships will be prioritised or sacrificed for results, and whether people will collaborate or compete to achieve results.  

Maximising our understanding of a team’s combined strengths, unique motivators and drivers, and most powerfully, what teams will be predicted to do in times of stress, is a powerful, empirically validated way to elevate Executive teams. 


Team profiling may be utilised to increase insight, reduce conflict, set shared goals around team strategies for being at it’s best, or, where there are gaps and blindspots for a team, to select and integrate new team members.  



  • Increase insight and ‘future proof’ possible challenges

  • Align team profiling implications to new strategic direction

  • Includes individual coaching plans for leaders as well as a team profile

  • Provides CEO/team leaders with strategies for utilising strengths and developing team members

  • Proactive tool for assessing team culture and associated implications

  • Risk management



  • Communication and engagement plan to introduce the profiling process

  • Individual links sent to Executive team for online completion

  • 1:1,  90 minute debriefs for each Executive member including understanding individual and team goals and setting individual development plan

  • Team profile generation in half-day session.

  • Summary report




Coaching is an individualised, focused form of development designed to maximise learning and performance. ROI is higher than generic development programs given the ability to reflect, implement new strategies, adapt, and integrate into day to day practice. 


Coaching is:

  • Future-focused

  • Goal-directed

  • Outcome focused

Our coaches specialise in a range of areas based on extensive experience, including: 

  • Strategic thinking

  • Negotiation

  • Communication and relationship management

  • Executive presence and presentation skills

  • Self-management & Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

  • General leadership and life balance

Wellbeing Meets Leadership

Over 50% of Australians will meet the criteria for a mental health issue at some point in their working lives. Even in the highest performing leaders, the risk of poor mental health is considerable given that stress is a significant trigger.  High anxiety, perfectionism, disrupted sleep and self-criticism are also common in higher achievers.  

Our unique understanding of high performance as well as our industry-leading clinical practice in mental health uses digital technology to identify risks and improve wellbeing strategies. Identifying unhelpful thinking styles, increasing resilience following relationship, financial and parenting challenges, and re-wiring coping strategies can be helpful in maintaining performance and wellbeing.  

Coaching packages can include:

  • 1-1 (inclusive or exclusive of Profiling)

  • Team coaching

  • Proactive pulse checks and follow-up

  • Subscription model providing high performance and mental health support to team members in personal, e-coaching, FaceTime, and chat support for brief, 30 or 60-minute consults.


Revewing Graphs


Delivering specific outcomes important for your team.

This may encompass developing strategies, special projects, accelerating business priorities and delivering tangible outcomes.

Mental Health & Wellness
Executive Team Profiling
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